Bacterial Vaginosis Cure

Understand the Major Bacterial Vaginosis Causes. Knowing the Causes is key to curing BV Permanently

Although the exact causes for BV are not known because of the complex nature of the problem. Researchers believe that a combination of bacteria in the vagina results in this problem. One of major bacterial vaginosis causes is considered to be the depletion of lactobacilli bacterium that protects the vagina. Lactobacilli are considered to be hydrogen peroxide producing bacteria. 

Here are some of the major causes for BV

Along with the depletion of lactobacilli an increase in anaerobic bacteria is also considered another major bacterial vaginosis causes. Anaerobic bacteria can grow without the presence of oxygen. One such organism is gardnerella bacteria.

bacterial vaginosis causes

Because multiple organisms together are believed to cause this problem treatment is often not easy when compared with other ailments where only a single organism has to be handled.

An imbalance of certain hormones is also considered to be one of the bacterial vaginosis causes. A hormonal imbalance disturbs the vaginal flora making the vagina slightly less acidic and this allows the bad bacteria to grow fast.

Some factors have been identified that are considered to increase the chances of BV infection. One of the factors is douching the vagina. This is the reason doctors also recommend against douching the vagina. Simple wash is good enough.

Consumption of antibiotics and birth control pills are also known to increase the chances of developing BV. Antibiotics kill both the good and bad bacteria in the vagina.

When the effect of antibiotic fades away the bad bacteria or gardnerella bacteria starts growing much more rapidly compared to the good bacterium.

Multiple sex partners, smoking, birth control pills and drugs also cause BV

Another factor that is known to increase the chances of getting bacterial vaginosis is having multiple sexual partners or having a new sexual partner.

However it needs to mentioned that the role of sexual intercourse and BV infection are not clearly understood. This needs mention because of the fact that women who have not had sexual intercourse also develop this problem.

Smoking of cigarettes and consumption of drugs are also known increase the chances of getting BV. This is the reason women having recurring BV infection are advised to stop smoking as a first step.

Prevention and learning about BV is the best way to handle this problem

Considering the fact that there are several

bacteria vaginosis causes

it is best to take preventive measures along with the BV cure that you are taking. This will improve the effectiveness of the treatment. Want to learn more about how to cure BV the easy and natural way? Click here to get more info.