Bacterial Vaginosis Cure

Bacterial Vaginosis During Pregnancy - What are the Risks Invoved?

Women who are pregnant and have BV infection are concerned about how the infection might affect their child. As per research studies almost 20% of pregnant women will experience bacterial vaginosis during pregnancy.

However it has been observed that most of the women with BV deliver a child without any problems. But this does not mean there are no risks involved. Sometimes complications can arise and may result in a serous problem. Hence it is always advisable to get regular checkups done during pregnancy.

What is the normal treatment offered for BV during pregnancy?

Normally women having BV during pregnancy are given antibiotics for ingestion. Topicalbacterial vaginosis during pregnancy creams and gels are avoided as they can sometimes cause pre-term labor.

There are some antibiotics that are considered safe for consumption during pregnancy. The common antibiotics prescribed by a doctor are - clindamycin and metronidazole.

Note: You should not take any antibiotics without proper consultation from a qualified doctor during pregnancy.

As per studies, women who get infected by BV at the initial stages of pregnancy have a higher risk of complications during child birth that women who develop BV during the later stages. However

bacterial vaginosis during pregnancy

needs treatment irrespective of when a person gets infected.

Some of the risks involved with BV during pregnancy are:

  • Pelvic Inflammatory Disease
  • Miscarriage
  • Low weight of new born child
  • Premature delivery
  • Urinary tract infection after pregnancy

The exact reason for the risks and the associated complications caused by BV for pregnant women are not very clear. It has been observed that very rarely women with

bacterial vaginosis during pregnancy

experience any major complications.

However it is always better to go for prevention rather than suffering a problem during pre and post delivery times. Always consult your doctor for best advice on this matter.

With the consent of your doctor you may also pursue some very simple natural remedies for bacterial vagina infection that are commonly used in our day to day food preparations. Items like garlic, curd and buttermilk are harmless items and can be made part of your daily diet.