Bacterial Vaginosis Cure

Here are the Bacterial Vaginosis Symptoms that can help in BV cure

Almost 75 % of women experience an inflammation in the vagina at some point in their lives. This inflammation can be due to a yeast infection or due to bacterial infection. A certain type of bacteria called gardnerella is considered to cause bacterial vaginosis (BV) some times.

In almost 50 % cases there may not be any bacterial vaginosis symptoms. This is one of the reasons women do not come to know of this infection easily and they live with the infection till it really starts to trouble.

Here are some of the major symptoms of BV

One of the common bacterial vaginosis symptoms is the discharge from the vagina. bacterial vaginosis symptomsThis is normally thin with grey to while in color. In many cases there would also be a bad odor from the vagina that is normally referred to as fishy odor.

Many women try to use perfumes to suppress the odor. However these perfumes may have chemicals that can cause more damage to the sensitive vaginal skin.

Sometimes the vaginal odor may be there only after a sexual intercourse. BV infection can also result in painful intercourse. This is again one of the symptoms that may be there with some women.

Other bacterial vaginosis symptoms noticed include itching, redness and vaginal tenderness. These symptoms may not be there in all the cases.

Some of the symptoms of BV are very similar to yeast infection. This is why it is important that you visit a gynecologist to get the problem confirmed. You may be advised to undergo some tests to determine the type of vaginitis.

Many women may see that the symptoms do not go away after a treatment with antibiotics or the symptoms may come back after some time. Recurrence is almost 50% when treated with antibiotics.

So if you see

bacterial vaginosis symptoms

not going away or if it keeps coming back you may have to consider a more holistic treatment that treats the problem from the roots.

What causes BV

It is believed that overgrowth of bad bacteria or gardnerella bacteria causes this problem in the vagina. This is why it is called bacteria vaginitis.

However the exact reasons are not very clear. Hence it is always better to take preventive steps rather than suffering from the infection.

Avoid douching, multiple sexual partners, smoking, deodorant sprays and excessive alcohol. Wear loose cotton clothes and undergarments. Keep the vagina clean and free of moisture. These are some simple steps to prevent BV.

Always confirm BV with a doctor

In case you notice some of the

bacterial vaginosis symptoms

mentioned above then do not ignore these symptoms. Ignoring the symptoms can lead to other risks like pelvic inflammatory disease, abortion in pregnant women and other problems of the pelvic area.

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