Bacterial Vaginosis Cure

Chronic Bacterial Vaginosis Treatment ....Your fishy Vaginal Odor will Vanish

If you are suffering from chronic bacterial vaginosis, there is treatment for this and also remember, you are not alone. This problem can be very unpleasant. Women suffering from chronic BV feel embarrassed, ashamed and confused and often don't know the exact steps to follow to correct the problem.

Your doctor may have prescribed you antibiotics several times. And every time you may have got relief for a few weeks and then the problem would have come back subsequently.

If this sounds familiar, then you may be wondering - Why is this happening to me again and again? As per some recent research studies home remedies for bacterial vaginosis have proven to be the best chronic bacterial vaginosis treatment. If you can use these remedies in an effective manner you may get rid of BV for ever.

BV is quite a common are some symptoms

A bacterial vaginal infection is quite a common problem with lot of women. So don't feel Chronic Bacterial Vaginosis Treatmentembarrassed to discuss this problem with a doctor or a close friend. You may have experienced the whitish gray vaginal discharge from the vagina.

You may have also experienced the fishy odor, pain and itching in the vagina. If the pain and odor get more pronounced after an intercourse this is also quite normal with BV.

These bacterial vaginosis symptoms are quite similar to yeast infection symptoms. This is the reason you should always visit a doctor when you experience these symptoms for the first time. However if you have had repeated BV infections then you would be familiar that it is chronic bacterial vaginosis.

How do antibiotics work?

Antibiotics may have provided some temporary relief but not a long lasting one. You see antibiotics work by killing the good and the bad bacteria in the vagina. After some time the effect of antibiotics will go away.

Once this happens the bad bacteria grows back extremely fast as compared with good bacteria. The bad bacterium dominates the vaginal environment causing all the discomfort.

Reasons for BV

If you are wondering - how did I get BV in the first place then there are several reasons for this problem. Doctors and researchers have not been able to find a single cause for bacterial vaginosis.

Some of the well known reasons for chronic BV are - having multiple sex partners, douching, smoking, use of birth control pills, wearing web undergarments, use of chemical based perfumes and deodorants.

Douching disturbs the balance in the vagina leading to overgrowth of bad bacteria that causes BV. Even use intrauterine birth control device may also cause BV.

You need to know that you cannot get chronic bacterial vaginosis by touching other objects, from swimming pool, beddings etc.

Although the relation between sex and BV is not very clear, but it has been observed that having sex with multiple people increases the chances of getting BV.

This is the reason you should always discuss a problem like BV with your partner in an open and candid manner. You will have to explain your partner about the problem so that you get all possible help to overcome the problem at the earliest.

Another important aspect is to get proper

chronic bacterial vaginosis treatment

and not leave it just like that. Many a times the problem may correct itself after some time.

However BV can lead to other problems like pelvic inflammatory disease (PID). PID can cause problems like infertility, premature child birth and low weight of new born child. Women suffering from BV also have a higher chance of contracting disease like chlamydia, gonorrhea and HIV.

Can Home remedies help?

Many women are now perusing home remedies for bacterial vaginosis along with conventional medicines. Some of the home remedies have proven to be highly effective

chronic bacterial vaginosis treatment.

Which ever course of action you decide to it is important that you consult with a gynecologist and get the best possible advice.