Bacterial Vaginosis Cure

Here are the most Effective and Proven Bacterial Vaginosis Remeies that have Helped Millions of Women World Over to Cure Recurring BV

If you are searching for information about bacterial vaginosis remedies that work then you have reached the correct site. We have some of the most effective BV cures that you can easily implement in the comfort of your home.

These remedies can be used by women experiencing BV infection for the first time as well as women who have been suffering from recurring Bacterial vaginosis.

Here are some of the best BV remedies

1) Garlic pears or capsules are considered extremely effective in killing the bad bacteria that causes BV. You can consume these capsules twice a day by following the product label.

Alternately you can insert the capsule inside the vagina when you go to bed at night. bacterial vaginosis remedies Both these methods provide excellent results if followed consistently for at least a week.

2) Another bacterial vaginosis remedy that works really well is the plain yogurt made from pure goat milk. Make sure the yogurt does not have sugar or any other additives. Dip a tampon in the yogurt and insert inside the vagina.

Consuming yogurt also helps. This treatment helps in restoring the balance between good bacteria and bad bacteria.

3) One of the little known

bacterial vaginosis remedies

is grapefruit extract. Mix one teaspoon of the extract with two cups of water to dilute it properly. Apply this diluted extract to the vagina to get amazing results.

Make sure to dilute the extract otherwise the extract can cause harm to the sensitive vaginal skin.

4) Acidophilus capsules and liquid also provide excellent BV cure. Capsules can be inserted inside the vagina. Alternately mix two spoons of acidophilus liquid to two cups of water and use the mix to douche the vagina.

This BV cure brings about a balance between good bacteria and bad bacteria in the vagina.

5) Another extremely effective bacterial vaginosis remedy is tea tree oil. This oil has anti bacterial properties which help to clear infection. Dilute tea tree oil by mixing with olive oil before you apply to the vagina.

Direct application will cause damage to the sensitive vaginal lining. You should use this technique for 4 to 6 weeks if you want good long lasting results.

6) Hydrogen peroxide solution is also considered as one of the good

bacterial vaginosis remedies

when used properly.

Mix a 3 % concentration hydrogen peroxide solution to two and half cups of water. Use this diluted solution to douche your vagina. This solution will help in restoration of the vaginal flora.

Get access to the same natural treatment that I used to cure my BV

Another extremely important point is to be patient and persist with natural bacterial vaginosis remeies.

Any half hearted attempt will not produce any results. To help you with this problem here is more information on an excellent natural treatment that I used to solve my BV problem - Natural BV Cures