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Enzara Alternatives

Lot of women still keep taking about a product called Enzara for bacterial vaginosis cure. Because of this buzz we decided to find out more about this product. Initial investigation revealed that Selmedica, the company that sold this product, has closed doors.

However some of the old customer reviews of Enzara indicate that it was indeed an effective product especially for getting rid of vaginal odor caused by BV infection. It was an all natural product that worked quite well for many women. Many women went ahead and stocked large quantities of this product for future use.

enzara alternatives

As regards the enzara alternatives, there are quite a few that have hit the market. Some of the popular names are Femanol, Destinol and Rephresh. These are all natural products that claim to solve the problem of vaginal odor and discharge caused by bacterial vaginosis.

Destinol is a natural homeopathic formula that has 2 main active ingredients called Natrum Muriaticum for controlling vaginal discharge and Carbolicum acidum for controlling offensive bacterial vaginosis odor.

Femanol is a natural herbal product. Some of the ingredients in the product are lactobacillus acidophilus, neem bark, beta glucan, deodorized garlic and multivitamins.

Lactobacillus is known to improve the level of good bacteria in the vagina and body. Neem and garlic have antibacterial properties to get rid of bad bacterium. Multivitamins can help to beef up immunity levels in the body.

Rephresh is a vaginal gel used to overcome the vaginal odor and bacterial vaginosis discharge caused by BV infection. It works by maintaining the ph balance of the vagina thus preventing the bad bacteria from thriving.

Destinol and Femanol have been effective for some women. However many customer reviews indicate that these products have to be used continuously to keep bacterial vaginosis away. Women who stopped using these products after a few weeks had to go for BV treatment again.

Other than these products there are not many

enzara alternatives

in the market. Based on our detailed analysis we found the natural solution provided in the guide, bacterial vaginosis relief by Kristina Tomlin to be the most effective solution for getting rid of bacterial vaginosis.


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