Bacterial Vaginosis Cure

Home Bacterial Vaginosis Treatments for Treatment of BV Quickly

Using home bacterial vaginosis treatments is quite a common phenomenon with women who are shy and embarrassed of discussing this problem with a doctor. What they don't realize is that many other problems of the vagina like yeast infections also have similar symptoms. Hence it is important to know the exact nature of vaginal infection before starting any treatment.

Once a doctor confirms BV then it is not a bad idea to try one of the home bacterial vaginosis treatments. There are several remedies that you can try it all depends on how much you are willing to experiment and try.

Of course it is going to take some effort toHome Bacterial Vaginosis Treatments identify the correct home remedy that solves your problem completely. You need to understand that not all remedies work for everyone.

Here are some of the home treatments for BV

The simplest home remedy for BV is garlic. Garlic is an item that we use in various food preparations. Garlic has excellent anti bacterial properties and hence works well as a BV cure. The most effective way for treating BV with garlic is to insert it into the vagina.

This may sound a bit odd, but this is indeed the most effective way. The other option is to eat it orally but it will be slow acting method that does not involve all the nasty insertion stuff.

Alternately you may buy garlic pearls or capsules from the market and insert the capsules inside the vagina. Again the capsules can be consumed orally also.

There are many more

home bacterial vaginosis treatments

but aromatic oils produce amazing results. Lavender oil is considered very beneficial if applied topically to the outer lining of the vagina.

This oil is strong and may sting a bit. If you feel too much burning sensation then you can remove the oil with a cotton ball and wash the vagina immediately. A better way may be to dilute the lavender oil with olive oil before applying to the vagina.

What are the key benefits of a home treatment for BV

The main benefits with bacterial vaginosis home treatments are - They can be used in the comfort of your home. Most home remedies are inexpensive and many a times the ingredients may be there at home.

Since herbs, spices and other plants do not have any harsh chemicals you can be sure that your sensitive vaginal skin will not get damaged. Also to note is the fact that these home remedies have been in use for many centuries now and hence should be effective in treating BV.

Here is more detailed and proven BV cure information

There are many

home bacterial vaginosis treatments

that have helped thousands of women cure the problem of recurring BV.

Don't fall prey to expensive medicines and tall claims made by big brands. Stick to your home treatment plan with patience and you will soon get cured. Want more information on natural home remedies? Click - BV Cure