Bacterial Vaginosis Cure

Get Rid of BV Permanently with Natural Cures for Bacterial Vaginosis


Although Bacterial Vaginosis is not considered to be a life threatening problem, but it should not be left untreated. You have to correct the problem immediately to avoid other complications. Do you know that you have a higher risk of getting sexually transmitted deaseases like gonorrhea, chlamydia and HIV?

In case you are pregnant then you are taking a lot of risk. Pregnant women with BV can have premature child birth or a child with low weight at birth. It is important to cure the problem in a timely way to avoid these complications.

Are antibiotics recommended for treating BV?

If you have already visited a gynecologist for this problem then they may have natural cures for bacterial vaginosisprescribed antibiotics for treatment.

If you have been having recurrent bacterial vaginosis it is possible that you have been prescribed antibiotics several times in the past. You see this repetitive cycle of relief for a few weeks and reappearance of bacterial vaginosis is quite common with antibiotics.

The common antibiotics that are prescribed for this problem are:

  • Cleocin (oral, vaginal)
  • Clindesse (vaginal)
  • Flagyl (oral)
  • MetroGel (vaginal)

You may already be tired of these antibiotics because of the recurring problem. This is quite understandable.

You see this happens because antibiotics cannot make out the difference between a good bacteria and the bad one's. Good ones actually give protection to the vagina and bad bacteria causes BV.

Antibiotics kill both the good and the bad bacteria. So you will have relief for few weeks for sure. But once the effect of antibiotics wanes away completely then the bad bacteria multiplies rapidly to cause havoc. This results in pain, itching, vaginal discharge and odor.

How do natural cures for bacterial vaginosis work and why you should consider them seriously...

Natural cures work by restoring a proper balance of the vaginal environment. This means a proper ph balance in the vagina. This is achieved by protecting the good bacteria and allowing it to grow. And the bad bacterium is killed.

Some of the very common natural cures for bacterial vaginosis are:

  • Yogurt or curd or buttermilk
  • Probiotics drinks and supplements
  • Lactobacillus acidophilus supplements
  • Folic acid supplements

It is possible that you may have tried some of these natural cures for bacterial vaginosis without success. However don’t lose heart because not every natural cure works for each and every person.

There are several other natural cures that you can try and you should be able to find something that works for you.

Can BV free be a reality?

Imagine the joy of been BV free. You need not bother about the embarrassment of vaginal odor or the unbearable pain or the vaginal discharge. Life can be back to normal and you can have your normal sex life back in place. And most importantly your partner will be very happy.

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