Bacterial Vaginosis Cure

Find out if Over The Counter Treatments For Bacterial Vaginosis Work

If you are looking for quick and temporary relief from the pain and itching caused by BV then you can buy over the counter treatments for bacterial vaginosis.

However these creams and ointments are normally quite expensive. When I suffered from BV I tried several such creams but none of them provide long term relief.

Use over the counter products for short trem relief

However if the itching and burning sensation is very strong then you can definitely get some temporary relief. These creams provide good soothing and cooling sensation that makes you feel relaxed.

Natural treatments offer permanent BV cure

For medium to long term solution you should forget over the counter

treatments for bacterial vaginosis

and look at natural treatments.

Don't even consider antibiotics by mistake because antibiotics and birth control pills are treatments for bacterial vaginosisbelieved to be one of the reasons for repeated BV infection.

Antibiotics kill the protective bacterium in the vagina along with the bad bacteria. And when the effect of antibiotics goes away the bad bacterium grows back rapidly. When this happens BV comes back with vengeance.

Over a period of time the bad bacteria also becomes drug resistant and your condition can become read bad.

Natural treatments for bacteria vaginosis work much better when you adopt a complete holistic treatment and not a peace meal approach.

Rather than traditional over the counter treatments for bacterial vaginosis, there are a few simple and economical items which can be bought from pharmacies that can help to treat BV. These are items like tea tree, apple cider vinegar and lactobacillus acidophilus capsules.

Tea tree oil should be diluted with olive oil or lavender oil and then applied to the vaginal skin. This oil has excellent antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. Regular use gives good results.

Apple cider vinegar has acidic properties that can help in restoring the vaginal ph value. After a BV infection the acidic vaginal ph gets disturbed. If you can take bath in water tub that has a cup of vinegar it will help in restoring the ph value.

Lactobacillus acidophilus capsules have the good bacteria strain that protects the vagina. Consuming these capsules will help in improving the body immunity by increasing the number of good bacteria in the body.

Have a capsule twice a day to obtain excellent results. When you are trying out natural options you should ideally avoid over the counter treatments for bacterial vaginosis. Otherwise you may not be able to able to analyze and judge the impact of natural remedies.

Don't suffer, go for a holistic natural treatment

There is no point in suffering from the pain, itching, vaginal discharge, vaginal odor etc. for a long time by sticking with antibiotic and over the counter

treatments for bacterial vaginosis.

Adopting a holistic natural treatment for bacteria vaginosis will give you permanent relief without any side effects. These remedies are inexpensive and can be easily implemented at home.

Most of the remedies used in natural treatment are proven and effective because these are the same remedies that women have been using for the past several centuries.

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