Bacterial Vaginosis Cure

Recurring Bacterial Vaginosus Cure with Amazing Home Remedies...Your Vaginal Odor will Vanish

Are you aware that Simple BV cures are most effective and popular for treating recurring bacterial vaginosis? If you are suffering from repeated or recurring vaginal bacteria infection then antibiotic medicines would not solve your problem.

Even if you are having BV for the first time it is best to have home cures and not antibiotics. Women who have had

recurring bacterial vaginosis

have found that antibiotics provide relief only for a short period of time and then BV would return.

What happens when you consume antibiotics for BV?

This happens because antibiotics get rid of both the good and the bad bacteria and recurring bacterial vaginosiswhen the bad bacterium multiplies back faster, the problem usually returns. This is the reason it is best to cure BV with ingredients that are available in your home.

There are quite a few home remedies for bacterial vaginosis. And in fact several excellent guides are available for a small price usually much less than the amount you would pay for a doctor.

For treating

recurring bacterial vaginosis

even over the counter products don't provide effective treatment. One of the products is femanol which is a dietary supplement that assists in reducing the vaginal odor and also delivers other simple health benefits.

However femanol also gives you temporary relief only. Almost 70 % of women who opt for antibiotics or over the counter products find repeat of BV after few weeks.

If you experience symptoms like itching, pain, vaginal odor and vaginal discharge and you are not sure if it is BV then it is best to visit a doctor to get confirmation.

This is critical because other diseases like yeast infection also have very similar symptoms. This will stop you from going for wrong treatment.

Of course the treatment will depend on the type of infection and the severity of the problem.

Commonly prescribed antibiotics for recurring bacteria vaginosis

Your doctor may prescribe oral and or topical antibiotics for this problem. Oral antibiotics are tablets that have to be ingested. Topical antibiotics are in the form of gel or cream for external application in the vagina.

Some of the common antibiotics prescribed for this problem are - clindamycin, metronidazole, ampicillin, tetracycline and ceftriaxone.

It has been noted that clindamycin produces side effects that has been linked to intestinal problems and hence it should be avoided.

Some home remedies for bacterial vaginosis

There are quite a few home remedies that can help you to correct recurring bacterial vaginosis. Some of the books online provide you an extensive listing of these remedies with lot of details.

Some of the most common home remedies for recurring bacterial vaginosis are- garlic, grapefruit seed extract, curd, tea tree oil, olive leaf extract, probiotics etc.

Over and above these home remedies for bacterial vaginosis you will also need to make changes to diet and lifestyle.

This would be simple things like avoid sexual intercourse, wearing cotton undergarments, avoid douching, vaginal hygiene, avoiding harsh detergents etc.

Plus you will have to go for supplements that help in improving the total immune system. Need more information ? Take a look at this bv cures site by clicking -