Bacterial Vaginosis Cure

Understand How a Simple Cure For bacterial Vaginosis Can Do the Job

Are you wondering if there is cure for bacterial vaginosis (BV) or a method to eliminate it permanently? Well this is a problem many women face and feel embarrassed to discuss.

Fact is that millions of women face this problem regularly and you don't have feel embarrassed to discuss this with your doctor. You see somebody needs to tell you for sure that it is BV and only a doctor can do that.

Is BV a hygiene roblem?

Many women think that it is hygiene problem and go about cleansing the vagina like cure for bacterial vaginosiscrazy. Hygiene is important but you just need to wash the vagina twice a day. You should not even use any douche.

Douching can cause damage to the vagina and may worsen your situation. Although this problem is not a sexually transmitted disease (STD) but having multiple sex partners increases the occurrence of the problem.

This problem is basically due to overgrowth of certain bad bacteria in the vagina which results in itching, vaginal discharge and a fishy vaginal odor.

If you can overcome the bad bacteria then you will restore the vaginal flora and hence get rid of the problem. Sounds simple?

Actually you should try a

cure for bacterial vaginosis

that uses good bacteria to counter the bad bacteria.

How can you get started curing BV

You can start by having probiotic supplements. Even the plain goat milk yogurt can help you in overcoming the problem. Eat the yogurt and also apply to the vagina using a tampon. This is a very simple remedy that can be implementing by just spending a dollar or two every day.

Any other derivative of yogurt like buttermilk also can be used instead of yogurt. However it is important that yogurt is pure without any additives or sugar.

Another simple

cure for bacterial vaginosis

and the severe itching is baking soda. Take some baking soda powder and mix it with water to make a paste. Apply the paste to the outer lining of the vagina.

Since baking soda dries up very fast you may have to repeat this process several times a day. For some people baking soda may not suit the skin. It is always better to try a small quantity and observe any allergic reaction before going full scale.

What to do for long term relief?

While these quick remedies will provide relief in a day or two but for long term relief you should take some holistic cure for bacterial vaginosis that solves the complete root cause of the problem.

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