Bacterial Vaginosis Cure

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A vaginal bacterial infection is quite common problem with women of the modern world. Several factors are considered responsible for this problem.

One known change that happens in the vaginal environment is the domination of bad bacteria over the good protective bacteria.

This result in an imbalance in the environment of the vagina and one may experience pain, burning sensation, painful urination, whitish grey discharge from the vagina and pain during and after sexual intercourse.

What are the key reasons for BV?

Although the exact causes for vaginal bacterial infection are not know but some of the main factors that may cause this problem are - birth control pills and antibiotics, wearing tight clothes and undergarments made of synthetic material, buildup of moisture in the vagina due to improper drying after a bath or shower, use of deodorants and perfumes with chemicals in the vagina, harsh chemicals in soaps and detergents, sexual intercourse with many partners, low immunity levels etc.

Antibiotics actually worsen BV

Use of antibiotics for curing vaginal bacterial infection is not recommended because vaginal bacterial infectionantibiotics are known to cause recurring BV. This happens because these drugs work by suppressing the symptoms of the problem.

This is achieved by killing the bad bacteria along with the good bacteria in the vagina. Once a person stops taking antibiotics then the bad bacteria grows back quickly to dominate the vagina.

This leads to a vicious cycle where you get cured and then the problem comes back after a few weeks.

What is the best alternative

There are several alternative treatments that are effective for treating

vaginal bacterial infection

. This includes homeopathy, herbal and natural remedies.

Unlike conventional treatments homeopathy attacks the root cause of the ailment and hence the remedy is normally long lasting and effective. To get the best holistic treatment you will have to visit a good homeopathic doctor.

Based on my personal experience I would recommend a natural treatment for vaginal bacterial infection. I got best results from a natural cure and my BV has not returned back. Natural remedies do not have any harsh chemicals and can be implemented at home.

Herbs and other simple day to day use items are normally used for natural treatment. Some of the items may be there at your home already. Otherwise you can buy these items from local grocery stores for a few dollars.

Items like boric acid, tea tree oil, yogurt, apple cider vinegar, garlic, witch hazel, grapefruit seed extract, cotton clothes etc are used in natural vaginal bacterial infection treatment.

Women have been using natural remedies to cure BV for the past several centuries. Without these remedies women of the olden era could not have cured themselves when other alternative were few.

Don't ignore treating BV

If you don't take any treatment for

vaginal bacterial infection

then in some cases it may resolve itself. However most women find that this problem never goes away and they get repeated BV attacks. If this problem is not treated properly it can lead to other diseases like pelvic inflammatory disease and infertility.

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